LPs once promised to produce “ultra-premium” flower retailing for as much as $100 per gram. However, it  turns out “Canadian cannabis buyers want mids“–and LPs are in a hurry to release value brands to meet consumer demand.
Marketwatch, CannabisNow, CNBC

  • The trend began in October, when Hexo announced its Original Stash value brand, which offered blended flower (12-18% THC) in 28-gram bags priced below the national average of illicit cannabis. The bulk-priced product was designed to lure buyers from the illicit market.
    The Star, Oregon Cannabis Connection
  • Aurora is launching its Daily Special value brand (15-21% THC), while Canopy will debut Twd. (13-25%) in coming weeks, and Tilray will launch The Batch (10-16% THC). Most will be sold in larger formats of 28 or 15 grams, though Tilray’s largest Batch products will be seven-gram containers.

New Brunswick is considering potential buyers for crown REC retail monopoly Cannabis NB, but in the mean time the money-losing chain has discovered low-price products attract customers and revenue.
CBC New Brunswick

  • The Ontario Cannabis Store continues dropping prices on some products. This week it discounted 29 products.
    Twitter–What’s My Pot


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  1. BC craft growers hope they’ll be able to develop regional specificities in emulation of local wine regions.
    Vancouver Sun
  2. Health Canada’s David Brown is developing a compilation document of information about licensed micro-cultivators. Maybe you can help.
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