In a week that historians will look upon with wonder, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law four bills passed in Sacramento’s latest legislative session. Had he signed only AB-1525, which removes state penalties and provides privacy protections for financial institutions doing legal-weed business, signing sesh would be regarded as epic. While there’s a lot it doesn’t cover, many in the industry seem pleased.

  • Now that AB-1872 is a law, for a full year businesses will benefit from suspension of California’s ability to raise cultivation taxes and markup rates.
  •  AB-1458 “provides wiggle room” for manufacturers of edibles by raising the allowable variance of THC in retail products by 2%.
  • Testing labs are now allowed to test products from law-enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies with SB-1244 becoming law. (Presently, testing labs can only work with state cannabis licensees.) 
  • A milestone for craft cannabis worldwide, the signing of SB 67 means companies that aren’t from Humboldt County, for example, can no longer  call their product Humboldt County bud.

Quick Hit

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