Craft growers continue to argue Health Canada’s new regulatory demand for completed premises—which cost roughly $1M—locks out potential micro-cultivation applicants. “Who do you know that earns maybe $50,000 a year that can plant a $1-million-dollar facility?” asked one grower.
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  • GrowTech Labs CEO Barinder Rasode stressed the original Health Canada legalization plan was founded on opening the market to small producers, and called on the federal Liberals—as well as provincial and municipal governments—to make it a priority to help smaller producers into the industry. The Province

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  1. Grower Travis Lane slammed the price of pre-rolls on sale at City Cannabis in Vancouver. “Even the $17 half-grammers are outrageous. $69 per gram is shameful gouging,” he tweeted. Not long after, City Cannabis apologized and said they had “mislabeled the product list.” Twitter
  2. The Smoke Free Ontario Act bans the display of vapour products “in any manner that would allow the consumer to handle them or see them,” and vape retailers say that makes their products very difficult to sell.
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  3. Hunny Gawri, proprietor of Toronto’s first REC store the Hunny Pot, says his store has had between 50,000 and 60,000 customers in the two months since it opened.
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