Cannabis businesspeople argued Canadian regulations cost the country its chance at a major cannabis market. Instead, CBD is wildly popular across the US but is still difficult to buy legally in Canada, while legal REC is treated shamefully, “almost like you’re buying something dirty in brown paper bags. […] Like liquor in the ’60s.”

  • Canoe Financial chair and former Dragon’s Den dragon Brett Wilson said the provincial and municipal interference in the legalization process has been “a gong show.”
  • “The jobs are there, the work is there but regulatory impediments are extraordinary,” he said.
    CanTech Letter

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  1. Aurora is investing $1.5M to upgrade its research and development capacity.
    Global News
  2. Zenabis CEO Andrew Grieve will waive compensation until the company has achieved its goals.
    The Province
  3. Aleafia announced it completed the planting of “Canada’s first legal outdoor grow facility.” Growers online quickly noted the plants were placed too close together, a proximity that may discourage flowering while encouraging the transfer of pest infestations between plants.