A new lawsuit is targeting L.A.’s new licensing rules which would limit delivery licenses to equity applicants until January 1, 2025.

  • The case pits the city’s so-called legacy operators who have been in business since before legal REC went on sale against equity applicants.
  • One equity applicant called the suit “tone-deaf” and a “slap in the face.”
  • Adam Spiker, co-founder of the Southern California Coalition, a trade group that’s one of the plaintiffs, suggested both sides should unite against the illegal market.
  • Though often called the world’s largest cannabis market, MJBiz suggests regulations, delays and litigation are repelling L.A. operators.

Quick Hits

  1. With New Jersey poised to legalize on Election Day, New York REC legalization also looks to be on the fast track.
  2. In a first, San Diego sued Grizzly Peak Farms claiming the grower didn’t pay the city’s pot tax. The company’s owner said it was an oversight. WW California has more.
    San Diego Union-Tribune
  3. Massachusetts regulators approved the issuing of delivery licenses over the objections of brick and mortar retailers.
    Boston Globe