Ketamine Therapy Provides Rapid Relief From Depression and Anxiety at Balanced Mental Wellness.

Apr 24, 2023

Englewood, CO USA ( Monday Apr 24, 2023 @ 6:00 AM Central —

Balanced Mental Wellness, a leading organization specializing in mental health treatment, has introduced ketamine therapy to treat depression and anxiety. The treatment is gaining popularity due to its fast-acting, long-lasting benefits that improve patients’ mental health.

Ketamine has been found to provide rapid antidepressant effects in as little as 24 hours, including relief from suicidal thoughts. After a short series of repeated doses, the effects typically extend for weeks to months. However, the treatment may not be sustainable if not combined with preparation and therapy after a session.

According to Balanced Mental Wellness, ketamine is the first clinician-prescribed psychedelic medicine that utilizes the patient’s inner healer to relieve emotional suffering. The treatment aims to provide access to one’s personal growth. On the surface, ketamine can potentially treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety without the need for traditional antidepressants that can take weeks to show effectiveness.

Ketamine therapy is an innovative mental health treatment that can help people objectively explore their thoughts and emotions and gain an entirely new perspective on their lives. It can provide rapid relief from symptoms and open new possibilities for personal growth.

At Balanced Mental Wellness, ketamine therapy is offered as part of their comprehensive range of mental health services. The highly trained clinicians and therapists work together to develop customized treatment plans to help patients achieve their mental health goals.

The organization has seen a significant increase in demand for ketamine therapy since its introduction, with patients citing rapid symptom relief and an enhanced sense of well-being as the main reasons for choosing the treatment.

Balanced Mental Wellness encourages anyone struggling with depression or anxiety to contact their clinic and explore options. With ketamine therapy, patients can experience fast-acting relief from their symptoms and gain access to their inner healer.

About Balance Mental Wellness

Balanced Mental Wellness is a leader in Integrative Psychiatric Mental Health Care that offers personalized treatment to trauma and addiction patients. We offer medication management, therapy, and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy using a holistic and integrated approach to achieve recovery.

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