There are more dispensaries in Kanehsatake Mohawk Territory (pop. 1,350), 30 minutes northwest of Montreal, than there are legal SQDC REC stores in Quebec.
TVA Nouvelles—In French

  • Chief Serge Simon said this was a situation the federal government created, forcing Band Councils like his to attempt to regulate a product Ottawa sprang on Indigenous communities.
  • Chief Simon said his community wants, as others have, to run public consultations on cannabis, hold a referendum, then set up independent oversight for cannabis within their own territory. Ottawa legalized cannabis without proper consultation with First Nations, Simon argued, and the result of that is many First Nations did not have time to catch up.
  • I wrote about the differences between the handling of cannabis in Kanehsatake and in neighbouring community Kahnawake Mohawk Territory (southwest of Montreal, with no dispensaries) last winter.

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  1. A Montreal MED user successfully beat an attempt by his landlord to ban him from consuming cannabis indoors by refusing to accept the modification to his lease and appealing on the grounds of medical necessity.
    Journal de Montréal—In French
  2. A second branch of the SQDC—this one located in rural Mirabel, north of Montreal—adopted a strike mandate.
    Montreal Gazette