From Trinity County grows to a hemp farm in San Diego County, images of the industry on fire—just before harvest—have us wondering whether a crop of “campfire pot” is headed our way. 

The August Complex fire has burned 900,000 acres and is only 28% contained. 
SFGate/San Diego Union-Tribune

  • “I can tell you from personal experience,” said International Cannabis Farmers Association Executive Director Kristin Nevedal, “wildfire definitely will make your cannabis have a smoky flavor to it, just like wine.” “Hickory Cush,” “Campfire Pot” and even “Beef Jerky” are names being applied to an Emerald Triangle harvest that’s likely to reflect its environmental flavor. 
  • Widely uninsured, grows such as the No Boundaries hemp farm in Jamul—pictured above—face increased fire risks yearly.
  • In Humboldt County residents learned “what simple, decent people do when they have access to a decent livelihood: they do good.”
    Readheaded Blackbelt
  • The most unfortunate growers by now have learned that crops can be destroyed in the period it takes to get relief.
    Harris Bricken

Quick Hits

  1. A British finance company is alleging CBD supplier Bioscience Enterprises coaxed it into loaning the Gold River company $1M, and hasn’t paid it back.
    Hemp Industry Daily
  2. Among the new rules and guidances on returning employees to work during COVID-19 are clarifications and laws on employee testing, information sharing, and one ordinance requiring employers to offer positions to former employees separated from employment due to coronavirus related slowdowns or shutdowns.
    Cannabis Industry Journal
  3. The state just unveiled its unified cannabis license search tool, which simplifies immensely the finding of companies.
    California Cannabis Portal