Researchers from UC Davis, Washington State and Oregon State have formed a team not dissimilar to 2019’s West Coast Smoke Exposure Task Force. Their purpose is to explore the impact of smoke from this year’s unprecedented wildfires
Capital Press/Green Market Report

  • Reportedly, 772 legal hemp farms—16% of California grows—have been in evacuation zones. (San Diego County picture courtesy of No Boundaries Farm)
  • As with wine grapes, wildfire may create an unpleasant, ashy character in the product. The group will conduct sensory trials, but doesn’t know what that will look like yet. “This is a wheel that’s going to have to be invented,” said Jay Noller, director of Oregon State’s Global Hemp Innovation Center. “We need to know what the sensory dimensions of this are.”
  • The wildfires might be waning, but our overall marijuana industry is sorting through the aftermath of August’s Complex Fire.
    Los Angeles Times

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  1. An analyst explains that legalization cannot be a panacea for broke states and counties looking for a way out of fiscal uncertainty, primarily because infrastructure takes time.
    Anderson Economic Group
  2. The Mexican Senate reconvened on Sept. 1, having promised to pass court-mandated legalization. Meanwhile, across from the Senate grows a protest garden of 700 plants
    High Times 
  3. “The moral that I see here is that weed is just as important to people as food or toilet paper,” says a first-name-only distributor in this before-and-after take on California legal cannabis.