San Francisco Chronicle wine critic Esther Mobley tries three THC-infused, non-alcoholic rosé products available in California. “Do they taste like bong water? No — though they don’t much taste like wine, either.”

“The nose on the Saka is a dead ringer for strawberry Laffy Taffy, the palate reminiscent of Sweet Tarts. It’s candied-tasting, but there’s enough sourness to keep it from cloying. Viv & Oak is carbonated, which was a genius move; the bubbles help make up for some of the texture lost in the alcohol removal. It’s ultra-cloudy, the color of worn ballet slippers, and tastes like a melted cherry Popsicle, with just the slightest suggestion of a fresh cannabis aroma on the nose — like a subtle, winking warning.”

A third brand, Rebel Coast, tasted most like weed, she wrote.