Ominous talk about bankruptcies across the industry continues. Most expect some LPs will fold in the coming year, but no one knows how many. Meanwhile, capital markets are shrinking away.
CBC Ottawa

  • Some companies are trying to sell off assets in order to bank cash, but they’re not the kinds of assets other LPs want to buy.
  • Analysts continue to warn some LPs are at risk of running short of cash in coming months.

The Toronto Stock Exchange debuted a cannabis index called “S&P/TSX Cannabis Index,” including 15 firms from the TSX and TSX Venture Exchanges.
MJ Biz Daily, Twitter—David George-Cosh

  • Companies that wish to be added to the index must have a market cap of $120M and trade a median $400,000 per day.

Quick Hits

  1. MED companies will be eligible for financial aid and international support from the federal Trade Commissioner Service if they wish to develop overseas deals. MJ Biz Daily