In an initiative led by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), 800 prominent industry figures signed a letter to Congress calling for descheduling cannabis as the only responsible solution to the vape crisis.
Marijuana Moment

  • The letter recommends Immediately descheduling cannabis and regulating it like alcohol.
  • 2) The letter “encourages,” “strongly encourages,” and “encourages,” (again) the industry to regulate its own vaping products.
  • NCIA Executive Director Aaron Smith: “There is a reason there are no illness outbreaks related to tainted alcohol in this country: the substance is regulated at the federal and state levels, and licensed producers have almost entirely replaced bootleggers,”

Despite it all, licensed THC vape sales are stabilizing in key markets, “for now.”
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VAPI is also the backdrop of a bitter fight over REC product testing in Massachusetts.
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