BC solicitor general Mike Farnworth is optimistic about REC sales growing in coming months. insiders warn it’ll be hard to sell BC cannabis consumers on legal REC, which is often significantly poorer quality than the small-batch products available on the illicit market.
Vancouver Sun

Alberta’s online crown retailer—the only REC retail in Alberta operated by the province—announced it was lowering its prices on all products, and reducing shipping fees.
CTV News

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  1. Chefs from abroad are visiting Vancouver to learn how to cook with cannabis.
    CBC British Columbia
  2. Inuit stoners have told me how the introduction of unlicensed Mail Order Marijuana websites (MOMs) dramatically changed cannabis consumption in remote Northern Inuit hamlets, introducing southern variety and pricing to fly-in-only communities used to paying premiums for schwag. The revolution may not last. Last week, Nunavik police working with Canada Post seized $1M worth of drugs (primarily cannabis) (and more than $700,000 worth of alcohol) from mail coming into the Inuit communities of northern Quebec, but they can’t charge anyone.
    Nunatsiaq News