As the cannabis sector sets its sights on the still-thriving illicit market, many critics noticed unlicensed cannabis is a lot more illegal for some people (particularly Black and Indigenous people) than it is for, say, Bonify or CannTrust.
 Vancouver Sun, GrowthOp

Cracking down on illicit cannabis (and illicit delivery services) remains a priority both among police and US border guards.
Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, StratCann,

Celebrity litigator Marie Henein–currently representing shareholders in a class-action suit against CannTrust–described prohibition of one of the means by which “the state weaponizes an unjust criminal justice system.”
Globe and Mail

  • LP FIGR debuted The FIGR Fund, by which the public can nominate a different company with Black, Indigenous, or people-of-colour ownership every month for investment.