LPs and extractors hold such huge stocks of unfinished inventory that some worry about a price crash.
Financial Post

A total of 13,000 kg of legal dry flower sold in August—making the presently held unfinished inventory equal to 30 times that month’s sales.

The Canadian Cannabis LP Index fell 18.2% in October, the seventh consecutive month of decline, to a new 52-week low and a 31.6% decline year to date.
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  • The Globe ran a deep examination of how “stock promoters, hedge fund managers, investment banks and law firms that have helped raise close to $8-billion from public investors since 2017, and have clipped hundreds of millions of dollars in fees in the process.”
    Globe and Mail

An analyst at New York’s Cantor Fitzgerald said the Canadian cannabis industry has hit its bottom and predicted good news over the next year.

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  1. Two US class-action suits are pending against LP Sundial, charging the company didn’t disclose that Zenabis returned $2.5M worth of product contaminated with mould and parts of rubber gloves. So far Sundial has call
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  2. Italy stripped Aurora of one of the lots the company won this summer, saying Aurora was not in compliance with EU Good Manufacturing Practice (EU-GMP) standards.
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