Politico dives into High Times’ struggles in the legalization era:

“Constantly running afoul of authorities, the magazine becamean icon of the counterculture and an indispensable guide to the underground world of cannabis. It also survived the suicide of its outlaw founder, the war on drugs, and three federal grand jury investigations.

But now that cannabis has become legal across much of the country, High Times finds itself in a different kind of trouble.

A review of SEC disclosures and court filings as well as dozens of interviews with former staffers and others with insight into its operations paint a picture of a company that has traded in its credibility in cannabis circles to chase big “green rush” profits that have not materialized.”

The story does a good job recounting key moment from the outlaw magazine’s wild history through the tumultuous tenure of current CEO Adam Levin:

“When High Times isn’t being disavowed, it’s being sued. According to court records, the magazine’s parent company, Hightimes Holding Corp., or its subsidiaries have been named as defendants in more than a dozen lawsuits since the beginning of 2017, for breach of contract and other alleged misdeeds, though the company has denied wrongdoing.”

Read the whole thing.