Both Hexo and CannTrust announced sweeping layoffs. Hexo cut 200 positions across the company, including those of Chief Manufacturing Officer Arno Groll and Chief Marketing Officer Nick Davies. The cuts represented roughly 20% of Hexo’s workforce, which grew to about 1,100 after its May acquisition of Newstrike (producer of Tragically Hip–affiliated REC brand Up Cannabis).
NewsWire, Twitter—David George-Cosh

Hours later, CannTrust announced it was “temporarily” laying off “as many as 140 people, approximately one quarter” of its employees, between now and 2020. NewsWire

Also this week, US-based vaporizer-maker PAX Labs announced it’s laying off 25% of its workforce, following US-based cannabis site WeedMaps, which also fired 25% of their staff last week.
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· CannTrust submitted its remediation plan to Health Canada, indicating the intention to carry out all parts of the plan before the end of the first quarter of 2020. Bloomberg

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  1. Cannabis NB cut eight management positions.
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  2. If you happen to be in charge of regulating legal cannabis but aren’t sure how to go do that, Transform Drug Policy Foundation offered a helpful how-to guide.
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  3. Parents using cannabis during periods of interacting with their children may feel it makes them more compassionate and responsive to their kids, while researchers worry it may create parental detachment. Chances are a positive or negative effects are connected to a wide number of factors.
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