In a bleak start to the week, an MKM Partners analyst examined earnings transcripts dating back to 2017 for six LPs and discovered 29% of the six LPs’ 947 predictions, promises, and outlooks were correct, 28% were incorrect, and 43% were unresolved. Thus, those companies’ guidance has only been correct 51% of the time.
Twitter—Max Cherney, Bloomberg

  • Negative productions were 93% likely to be correct, while positive ones were only correct 48% of the time.

Cannalyst Craig “GoBlueCDN” Wiggins told an audience at Lift & Co last week that LPs are holding 721 days’ worth of inventory, which could become 816 days’ worth of excess stock (at the end of its lifespan and unsellable) within a year. At the same time, Wiggins said LPs are harvesting roughly 4.42 kg for every kilogram sold.

  • “More retails stores and ‘2.0’ does not fix this,” Wiggins said. “Something has to give. We need companies to go out of business. […] We need people to write off inventory.”
  • Wiggins later added, “The next six months in the cannabis industry will be like the opening scene to Saving Private Ryan. A successful few will make it off the beach.”
  • Geneticist Ryan Lee wondered whether there will be another Lift & Co Vancouver, saying “Attendance seems way down, rumors of a bad financial situation, [and] tweets suggesting a change of direction of the business after going public.”
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It’s cheaper to run a vertically integrated cannabis company in the US than in Canada, and they’re more profitable.
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At least the stocks aren’t circling the drain anymore, with the Canadian Marijuana Index up nearly 20% and others on the rise. Whether this is a turnaround is uncertain.
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