A new challenge the Health Canada regs present beverage producers is what they will call their products. Those making cannabisbeverages will not be allowed to describe their wares with general words like “wine” and “beer” (or specific terms like “ale” or “IPA”) that refer to existing classes of alcoholic beverages.

  • The regs, which are vaguely worded but demanding in spirit, do not allow cannabis products to be advertised in a way that associates them with alcohol, tobacco or vaping products.
    Vancouver Sun
  • Instead, manufacturers will have to find other ways to describe their beverages, such as “barley soda” or “sparkling beverage with THC.”
  • The regs pose a challenge to those brewing beverages from grapes associated with wines—they may not be able to describe their product as “made with cabernet sauvignon grapes.”
    CBC Saskatoon
  • Molson Coors’ joint cannabeverage venture with Hexo, called Truss, will offer a variety of cannabis beverages beginning on December 16.
  • Canadian laws governing cannabis remain significantly harsher than those governing alcohol.
    Global News

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