Health Canada is having a disturbingly hard time explaining why researchers still need permission to possess cannabis when every other adult Canadian can carry 30 grams in public. Research licenses are notoriously hard to get, and Health Canada is stringent to the point of absurdity about a now legal product.
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  1. According to the lead researcher of a University of Calgary study about cannabis and mental health, there’s an association between cannabis consumption and mental health, but it’s often among the weakest associations and researchers have no idea if one causes the other.
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  2. PEI wants as many of its residents over the age of 16 as possible to participate in an anonymous online survey about cannabis use. To sweeten the deal, they’re raffling off an iPad, as well as passes to the Confederation Bridge (a $47.75 value), the latter of which could only be more PEI if it came with one of Anne Shirley’s braids baked into a Russet Burbank potato.
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