Doctors, patients, and researchers need cannabis research. The Conservatives are calling for cannabis research. The Liberal government has millions in funding to offer for cannabis research. What’s the catch? The process of applying for Health Canada approval is so difficult that it dissuades research, according to academics.
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  • Health Canada’s regulatory requirements for cannabis research are similar to those required of licensed producers.
  • In one case, a professor noted that no permits or exemptions were required to run identical impaired-driving research with alcohol.
  • Health Canada said its regulations handled “otherwise prohibited activities with cannabis,” but couldn’t explain what that term meant after REC legalization.
  • Responding to this article, former Ontario NDP premier (and later interim federal Liberal leader) Bob Rae argued Canada is “losing competitive advantage in cannabis research and product development that should have followed from the legalization decision.”
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  1. Whether THC makes you feel pleasant or paranoid is decided in a part of the brain called the nucleus accumbens, according to two Western University researchers in a new study published in Scientific Reports. The researchers believe dramatically different reactions to THC are caused by individual sensitivity in that area of the brain.

  2. When it comes to edibles, most companies have little idea how to define “appealing to children,” which according to Health Canada, their products and packaging must not be.

  3. Health-insurance premiums may go up for those who use edibles, since the industry considers that delivery method more likely to lead to harm.
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