Freedom Cannabis’s production site west of Edmonton will soon switch on the largest rooftop array of solar panels in Canada, helping remove the company from Alberta’s coal-fired electrical grid.
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  • Many noted the company could open the roof to the sun and become a greenhouse, while EY Cannabis Strategy and Risk Advisor Ashley Chiu wondered simply, “couldn’t they have built the solar panels somewhere OTHER than the roof? Makes sense for the panels to be supplementary to the SUN.”
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  • Smaller LPs are leading the way on developing sustainable, recyclable, non-plastic packaging. The first year of legalization generated an estimated 10,000 tons of packaging waste.
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  • Designated growers were a huge part of the MED landscape for many years, growing MED on behalf of those who couldn’t grow their own. Today there are 363,000 registered MED users, and only 0.2% employ a designated grower.
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