If you’ve got a criminal record for cannabis, you’re guaranteed a job interview at Kingston head shop/soon-to-be licensed REC store Calyx + Trichomes.
Twitter–Calyx + Trichomes

  • Owner Jennawae McLean told the Growth Op she wants to help out those who “forfeited a lot of personal freedoms” in order to make legalization possible.
  • She’s offering interviews to anyone with a nonviolent criminal record, though she’s hoping for those whose charges are cannabis- or activism-related.
  • “We can’t guarantee a job, but we can guarantee that you get a fair shake,” McLean tweeted.
    Twitter–Calyx + Trichomes

Quick Hits

  1. If you’re driving somewhere with cannabis, just put it in the trunk. You may be able to argue it was outside of your reach, but that’s an argument you may have to make in court.
    Winnipeg Free Press
  2. The owners of S&M Medicinal Sweet Shoppe in Gibsons, BC, are suing BC’s community safety unit (CSU) for raiding their unlicensed dispensary. Their complaints are procedural.
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  3. Toronto head shop the Friendly Stranger is now a holding company with REC retail aspirations, but it’s existed for 25 years in a variety of other forms.
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