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James Bond Would Smoke a PŬK Pipe

By Ngaio Bealum Sep 22, 2020

PŬK is a virtually odorless device that provides for controlled dosing for the medical patient and allows all users to carry up to 6 different strains, all fresh and ready to enjoy with just the turn of your PŬK.

PŬK Pipe


It’s no wonder, then, that like many great products, PUK began in a garage and the mind of a former NASA employee. From both a form and function standpoint, PUK is a superior product. 

When it comes to glass smoking accessories, one usually thinks of multi-colored pipes, bongs, and other items that lack portability and/or style. But the PUK (pronounced puck) Pipe takes glass accessories to a level of design sophistication rare in the cannabis world. The weight and sleekness of these pieces lend them a feeling of intrigue, like something James Bond would use if he smoked weed. 

With each chamber holding .5 grams of flower, the pipe can store about an eighth of product, airtight, and odor-free. For those who like to microdose, the Puk is a great way to carry a daily ration. 

In these germ-conscious days, the PUK Straw which slides into the pipe and creates a bit of space between you and the pipe. Throw a Puk in a Puk Pod case for discreet, odorless on the go use. Complete with a carabiner, it hangs nicely on a backpack for your next trip to the wilderness. 

The Puk comes in materials including glass, marble, granite, and wood. They’re simple to clean with a quick soak and a pipe cleaner. Be you a James Bond or just a flower fan looking to up your accessory game, Puk’s what’s up.

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