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Canlock Jars Keep Your Pot Smokable for a VERY Long Time

By Ngaio Bealum Sep 18, 2020

Canlock Jars


Gotta keep your stash fresh. It probably sounds a little weird to use the word "fresh" when talking about a dried plant, but you know what I mean. Heat, light, and oxygen will degrade the terpenes and the THC. Folks are always trying to find a good way to help stored cannabis maintain its quality, and the good people at Canlock have created a really nice jar to help you do just that. The secret is in the cap. 

Old school potheads will remember having to suck the air out of a baggie. Canlock jars use the same idea, just way more efficiently. The lid of a Canlock jar is like a little air pump. Put your stash in the jar, twist the lid, and pump the button a few times. Voila! Your pot is now in an airless void, and will be smokable for a very long time. Seriously. I accidentally left a jar full of weed in my car for a month. When I found it, the weed wasn't dry, crumbly and gross. It was just as perfectly cured as it could be. I have been a fan of Canlock ever since. Get some Canlock jars. They are awesome. 


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