Supporters of Florida REC initiative Make It Legal Florida, which has raised money from MedMen and other MSOs, filed a lawsuit claiming new restrictions on paid signature collectors effectively impose a “stealth deadline” of Jan. 2 to collect 766,000 signatures, 30-days before the actual deadline of Feb. 1. If they lose, it could be a further impediment to getting REC on the ballot.
Tampa Bay Business Journal

  • Named defendants include Secretary of State Laurel Lee (R).

Meanwhile, MedMen, is backing out of Arizona where it has also supported a 2020 REC ballot initiative. In recent months the California company has laid off hundreds as its stock has tanked. “We are no longer in the land-grab growth phase of this industry,” CEO Adam Bierman said. ????WW California has more.
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Quick Hit

  1. Despite a software glitch, Illinois REC sales got off to a strong start with $3.2M in sales the first day. Customers included Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton (D).
    ABC, Fox News
  2. In Illinois, MJBiz anticipates tough competition for licenses.