Weeks ahead of dropping the writ for the October 21 federal election, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government began meeting with First Nations representatives about the cannabis industry in their territories.
CBC Indigenous

  • Eight First Nations have accepted working with the Ontario provincial government’s REC retail program, while many others refuse any partnership they worry weakens their jurisdiction.
    CBC Indigenous
  • Isadore Day, CEO of Indigenous consulting company Bimaadzwin, was one of those who met with Bill Blair. Day proposed a First-Nations controlled regulatory scheme on “a parallel track” to federal and provincial rules.
  • Also at the table is Manny Jules, chief commissioner of the First Nations Tax Commission, who proposes a portion of excise taxes should be given to a “First Nation revenue fund” to serve First Nations far from urban centres.

Blair acknowledged the complexity of the problem, but said “The prime minister has been very clear that he wants this resolved in a nation-to-nation way.”

Quick Hits

  1. Despite creating jobs and a new legal industry, legalization hasn’t done much to raise the profile of the federal Liberal party, and many of the ridings that benefit most from legalization are set to vote Conservative this fall.

  2. Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant accused prime minister Justin Trudeau of hypocrisy for “using this carbon tax to prevent more emissions and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But by virtue of lighting up a joint […] we have a new law which […] promotes the emission of carbon dioxide.”
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