The first legal REC shatter appeared on the Ontario market to a chorus of boos. Vivo Cannabis‘s Fire Side REC brand launched shatter that appeared “the colour of a stubby beer bottle” (darkness being thought to indicate product extracted from stale or old biomass) at a pricey $80 per gram.
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  • Some argued the shatter quality reflected poor quality control in Vivo’s dry flower. “Jesus may have been able to turn water to wine, but the Rosin press and CO2 extractor are garbage-in, garbage-out,said one.

In Other 2.0 News:

Topicals remain among the least explored 2.0 products with the most potential for attracting non-cannabis consumers.
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The one REC beverage I’ve seen no one say a bad word about is Canopy’s Houseplant Grapefruit. This week tough-but-fair reviewer/grower Travis Lane judged the drink “pretty damn good.” (Lane previously assessed Houseplant’s flower as “low mids.”)
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Quick Hits

  1. Arrests for illegal cannabis in Canada continue, while U.S. Customs and Border Patrol at the Peace Bridge border near Buffalo, NY intercepted 3,346 pounds of illicit cannabis and charged a CanadianMontreal police busted four dispensaries, including some disguised as MED-license consultation clinicsPolice charged twelve.
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