A former CannTrust greenhouse employee who tipped off Health Canada on June 14 after quitting the company reported the greenhouse operations manager called for the installation of fake walls to hide “several thousand” plants as they took photos for Health Canada to meet licensing requirements.
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Market-research firm Harvest Moon claimed CannTrust’s employees were disgruntled after CannTrust’s HR department leaked all employee payroll details, and ths motivated the tip-off to Health Canada.
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  • Harvest Moon states, “After the construction of grow rooms 4-5-6-7, without being a Health Canada-licensed area at the time[,] CannTrust populated the rooms with plants. Management instructed employers to do so[,] but prior they were asked to put up tarps, so no cameras could see.”
  • “Master Grower Brady Green and Operations Manager Cam Fletcher […] are likely going to be the fall guys when CannTrust tries to shift blame,” argued Harvest Moon. “However, there is no way that executives didn’t know what was going on even if they turned a blind eye to what was happening.”
  • Harvest Moon founder “Betting Bruiser” posted a photo which purported to be of a CannTrust employee “[rolling] around in a million dollars worth of prerolls.”
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  1. More losses are coming for cannabis investors as LPs struggle to become profitable. Analysts expect many LPs will post writedowns from unfinished inventory.

  2. Organigram hasn’t yet inked a partnership with any beverage maker, so ahead of Legalization 2.0 the company is developing a flavourless, dissolvable REC powder that consumers can mix with any drink to instantly “infuse” it.
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  3. Grocery monolith Loblaw filed a trademark application for the words “C Shop” and “CSHOP,” associated with selling cannabis products, cannabis oils, edibles, live cannabis products, and smoking accessories.
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