Yvan Delorme was chief of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal for five years, during which the force raided the city’s compassion clubs, after commanding the Narcotic Drugs and Proceeds of Crime division. Now, as president of LP QC Gold Tech, Delorme hopes his “Quebec Gold” REC brand will put Quebec on the cannabis map.
CTV News, Inside the Jar

  • “It’s been a long time that I’ve distanced myself from the fight against drugs,” he told the Journal de Montréal, stressing responsible consumption (“like alcohol”) rather than prohibition.
    Journal de Montréal—In French
  • Quebec’s new cannabis rules are coming into effect, including a minimum age of 21 and a ban on cannabis in public places unless exempted by the municipality.
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Comedian Julien Lacroix, novice REC user, told a story about a greenout while on talk-show Ça Finit Bien La Semaine (and drinking wine: everyone on Quebec talk-shows drinks wine), hopefully helping normalize even bad cannabis experiences for canna-conservative middle-aged Quebeckers.
FacebookÇa Finit Bien La Semaine—In French

Quick Hits

  1. Upstart news-and-cannabis publication Inside the Jar debuted its home-growing section with a capsule history of Canadian growing laws.
    Inside the Jar
  2. According to a Maclean’s survey, 61.4% of Canadian drama students consume cannabis.
  3. Canada’s MED program added 24,000 new licenses in the year following REC legalization, though overall sales for the year declined by 724 kg, with particular decline after May.
    Twitter—Rielle Capler