With 9,200 people employed (and numbers increasing) in an industry that contributes $8.26B to the Canadian economy and plenty of taxes, aspects of legalization can be celebrated as successes. Other smaller-ticket achievements include a faster (though more restrictive) Health Canada licensing process, and provincial and municipal governments softening on retail and processing. Those good things help offset the parts of the last year that stank:
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The industry remains frustrated and confused with Health Canada’s strict-yet-vague advertising regulations. Among the unclear regulations that came into effect on Thursday are new rules limiting REC retail logos and brand elements to no larger than 300 square centimetres, or about the size of a shoebox lid–but without clear guidance on the places that rule was to be applied.
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The illicit market remains “vibrant” according to virtually all estimations, helped by minimal REC retail rollouts and prices nearly half that of the legal market.
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