With edibles legalization approaching, many entrepreneurs are hoping they’ll hit it rich in the field. Organigram invested $15M in an infused-chocolates production line to be delivered in the fall. They’re also working with Acadienne chocolatier Ginette Ahier of New Brunswick’s Adorable Chocolate., NewsWire, Ici Radio-Canada—In French

  • When I visited Montreal’s Chronique 420 café on 4/20, the owners said they hoped edibles legalization would allow them to sell infused items. Until then they’re selling regular coffee and baked goods.
  • In Quebec City, the restaurant Sinsemilla opened last month, offering a variety of dishes that contain hemp in a cannabis-oriented environment—presumably, like Chronique 420, they hope to add THC after it’s legal.
    Ici Radio-Canada—In French
  • Health Canada’s Andrea Budgell told a convention discussion her agency is paying attention to feedback about determining whether edibles were appealing to kids.
  • She also noted 7,000 submissions on the draft edibles, extracts, and topicals regulations, chiefly pertaining to the proposed 10mg THC cap, the demand for dedicated manufacturing buildings for infused products, and packaging regs.
    Twitter—Trina Fraser
  • Like other cities, Calgary has seen an increase of ER visits related to illicit edibles. But physician Dr. Eddy Lang, a health researcher specializing in emergency medicine, said the numbers aren’t large and in US states that legalized, cannabis-related ER visits declined as mainstream use stabilized.
    Calgary Herald
  • Brad “PancakeNap” Martin published a series of infographs exploring the varieties of cannabis available across North American legal markets (broken down by state and province).