A Kelowna man bought a TerrAscend Haven Street prerolled joint and after trying several times to light it, realized it contained a piece of a desiccated pencil and no flower at all.
Kelowna Now

  • The retailer (a Hobo Cannabis store) and the BC Liquor Distribution Branch both said the pencil was the LP’s problem.
  • TerrAscend published a statement announcing they were launching an internal investigation. They reiterated on Twitter, “We do not use any wood or pencils in our production space and as such are conducting an investigation to determine the source of the material.”

A Twitter user reported finding mouldy buds in a 3.5g package of Canopy‘s Tweed Baker Street cultivar.
Twitter—Brian MacDonald

Women’s MED advocacy group SheCann noted complaints from their membership that THC content of established cultivars has been decreasing batch over batch.

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  1. Despite its products being under glass and behind a counter, the Société Québécoise du Cannabis has lost $1,500 worth of product to assiduous thieves.
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