A Radio-Canada investigation found there are too few testing labs nationwide, and far too few labs testing only cannabis. As a result, delays on lab results range from weeks to months.

  • Producers say delays are so long it affects the freshness and taste of their crops.
  • The introduction of edibles and extracts to the market will only worsen the situation.
  • The Canadian Cannabis Growers Association says Health Canada’s “over-cautious” licensing process has contributed to the shortage.
    Ici Radio-Canada—In French

Quick Hits

  1. Through its subsidiary Spectrum (formerly Mettrum), Canopy announced a two-year research plan to explore new MED treatments and applications to specific illnesses. Among the aims for the project will be developing standardized MED formulations for consistent dosing.
  2. Micro-cultivators cannot have “shared spaces” in which there are two or more licensed sites within a single perimeter—though they can be housed within the same building.
    Twitter—Trina Fraser
  3. Ontario electrical utility Hydro One is running a new line into Leamington with enough electricity to power the city of Ottawa. Most of that will go to light up the grow rooms of Aphria and other LPs in the area.
    Globe and Mail—Paywall