Degrassi-star turned harm reduction scholar Rebecca Haines-Saah (who played mean-girl Kathleen Mead) is bringing weed to Degrassi—again! This weekend in Toronto, 25 original stars will join fans from all over at Degrassi Palooza, a three day fans convention in Toronto. On Sunday at 11:00, Haines-Saah (along with NICHE CEO Jenna Valleriani and writer Rachelle Gordon) will present a “Cannabis 101” educational panel.

  • Given Kathleen Mead was the kid who found a joint in the tampon dispenser at school and introduced it to the girls at Melanie’s surprise sleepover for Diana’s birthday (season 5, episode 7), Haines-Saah is the right person to teach Degrassi fans about cannabis.

Quick Hits

  1. A all-party parliamentary health committee that toured the country to learn about methamphetamine consumption recommend decriminalization of drug possession.
    Globe and Mail—Paywall, Ottawa Citizen
  2. Public safety minister Ralph Goodale said he told US Homeland Security secretary Kevin McAleenan the US must take cannabis possession record suspensions seriously and keep records that “reflect the accurate legal status of Canadians.” Since the government has not expunged criminal records, U.S. border officials may still refuse entry to pardoned Canadians. Goodale said the US was receptive to his request.
    The Star
  3. Qwest makes among the most expensive cannabis in Canada. But in spite of the price, a BC retailer told me at Lift last week, “Those premium products keep selling out. People buy everything we have.”