Whether President Trump would support cannabis banking reform is at the center of a D.C. dust-up.
Marijuana Moment

  • Pro-legalization Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) has suggested Trump supports bank access. 
  • But White House Chief of Staff, former Congressman Mark Meadows, told reporter Matt Laslo that Gardner has been “misleading voters.”
  • Trump, Meadows said, “has no plan to lift a finger on cannabis legalization or even normalization.”

In other D.C. news:

With Democratic candidate Joe Biden under pressure to support cannabis reform, anti-legalization activitst Kevin Sabet called for him to “hold the line” and support decriminalization but not commercialization.
N.Y.Daily News

Trump tried to reboot his campaign with a Tulsa, Okla. rally that got panned on both sides of the aisle.
N.Y. Mag

  • But prohibitionist former U.S. Attorney General and Alabama Senate candidate Jeff Sessions (R) praised Trump’s performance with a memorably debasing tweet. Trump has endorsed Sessions’ opponent in the Republican primary.