Health Canada announced that in spite of the pandemic, it is continuing to review license applications as well as security clearances. The regulator (which warned last week of “limited inspections“) said the processes will likely be delayed.
MJ Biz Daily

Though cannabis sales have been up across North America, analysts projected COVID won’t change sales very much. Consumers have been buying larger formats, implying hoarding, and there’s no reason to believe sales will remain this high indefinitely.
Financial Post, GrowthOp

Jobs don’t feel stable across a sector already having a bad year.
Global News

Are you one of those who lost work in the sector because of the pandemic? Cannabis at Work wants to help you: they’ve assembled a Canadian Cannabis Talent Help List to which you can add yourself if you’ve been laid off and are seeking new work in the sector.

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  1. After years of demands from advocates, the COVID crisis has forced the city of Vancouver—with permission from the federal government—to introduce a safe supply of opioids, stimulants, and benzodiazepines for drug consumers on the Downtown East Side.
    Twitter–@angelasterritt, CBC Vancouver