Licensed REC retailers in Saskatchewan complained of illicit cannabis being sold with Health Canada–compliant packaging and warning labels, though without Health Canada–compliant lot numbers and percentage of cannabinoids.

  • Retailers—and media—claimed this was “illegal cannabis disguised to look like the legitimate product.”

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  1. Prohibition may ironically lead to increased cannabis consumption—and legalization may force consumption down.
    The Street
  2. The Liberal government passed its record-suspension legislation last week—but since most people with criminal records have more than a single cannabis possession charge, experts don’t expect there will be much demand for pardons under the new law.
    CBC Politics
  3. Quebec was never as lenient toward illicit dispensaries as Ontario or BC, quickly cracking down on dispensaries as soon as it became aware of them. In 2017, I wrote about the high profile raid that took place at Quebec City’s Cannoisseur, the third MED dispensary in the city to open and quickly get raided in 2017. Its owners pled guilty this week to trafficking and possession with intent to traffic.
    Leafly, Journal de Montreal—In French
  4. In an opinion piece bemoaning Health Canada’s legalization 2.0 regulations, Dalhousie University cannabis food distribution professor Sylvain Charlebois described Canadian legalization as offering the equivalent of “some dingy bingo hall playing lousy music.”
    Chronicle Herald