Subscribers to this newsletter know that the Oct. 28 FBI searches of LA-area politicians are the tip of our state’s ultra-sketchy iceberg. Over the past year, we’ve shown you corruption investigations in the Capital, in locales infamous for corruption and in new rural weed hubs.

All of that before we get to that local politician who’s not with us anymore.
Los Angeles Times 

  • California counties where bribery charges have been filed include Alameda, San Bernardino, Humboldt and Siskiyou counties.
  • The offices of Baldwin Park’s city attorney were raided. Officials have expressed surprise. “Everything that’s done in the city of Baldwin Park, including by me, is aboveboard,” said Mayor Manuel Lozano.
  • Baldwin Park bans retail sales of cannabis but allows local manufacturing, distribution and laboratory testing of the drug. 

Quick Hits

  1. The California Delivery Association, the messenger and courier trade association, thinks the League of Cities lawsuit to stop cannabis delivery is troubling.
    Sacramento Business Journal
  2. As of Friday, 10 days after the election, the vote on whether to allow cannabis sales in Encinitas—population 62,000—somehow remained too close to call
    Coast News Group