Saying “There are no sacred cows,” Canopy Growth CEO David Klein said he hadn’t ruled out the layoffs some insiders have been predicting for weeks.
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Controversy resurfaced around Green Relief, after the Financial Post viewed video of a shareholder meeting the Midas Letter mentioned a few weeks back. During that meeting, shareholders heard allegations from company executives that almost a quarter of the $60M the company raised could not be accounted for and that the founders had been “linked” to those missing funds.
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  • Lyn and Warren Bravo, a married couple who are two of the company’s three founders, “vehemently deny” the allegations.

Capital is beginning to return to the sector, though the amount of debt-based financing has increased from 19% of last year’s capital raises to 40% of this year’s.

Will Canada quickly be overwhelmed as a legal producer as hot Latin American and Caribbean countries legalize? Will LPs increasing focus on exports force Canada to accept REC imports from countries like Jamaica? Canopy’s ex-CEO Bruce Linton, on the WeedWeek Podcast last summer, predicted it would be a long time before cannabinoids were allowed to travel easily over international borders.
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Longtime testing lab Anandia, widely used in pre-REC-legalization MED growing circles, announced it would no longer provide testing across the entire industry and will instead provide services to Aurora alone. Aurora bought Anandia in June, 2018 in a $115M all-stock deal.
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BC-based premium LP Westleaf rebranded as Decibel Cannabis Company—while also laying off 11 positions and cutting its REC store count from 22 to 11.