Ontarians spent $20M on 2.0 products in the first three months they were available. Sales of 2.0 products in the province have increased monthly— with new offerings available by the week. Between February and March alone, sales of beverages tripled from $82,100 to roughly $242,600. The modest figures suggest plenty of room for growth. 
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  • Vape pens were the most popular product by far, representing $14.8M worth of those sales. Consumers bought $3.8M worth of edibles, $410,000 worth of beverages, $300,000 worth of concentrates, and $40,000 worth of topicals.
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  • In a Twitter thread, Canopy Rivers CEO Narbe Alexandrian argued that we shouldn’t consider beverages’ price-per-mg of THC, though many disagreed.

Ridiculous Health Canada “equivalency” rules limit the amount any person can possess publicly to five canned drinks (total 10mg THC), or 73 bottles of concentrated THC drops (63,510mg THC).
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