NBA All-Star and Sixth Man of the Year award winner Cliff “Uncle Spliffy” Robinson died in Portland this week at 53. The obvious cultural comp for Robinson is Pee-Wee Kirkland, a Drug War-era mover and shaker who won equally big in cocaine and hoops. But where Kirkland dealt blow, Robinson—seen here in his 2011 season with Golden State, his last double-digits scoring season—was a diligent cannabis advocate and educator

And, to a sea of network television fans, Robinson was a contestant on Survivor.

  • Robinson had a series of serious health issues prior to his death. In 2017 he suffered a stroke. The following year he had a tumor removed from his jaw. Last year Robinson underwent cancer surgery. 
  • Already ill when he opened his Portland dispensary three years ago, Robinson became one of legal weed’s most vocal athlete advocates. Last year he joined Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler in lobbying for legal lounges.

Quick Hits

  1. Ireland Basinger Baldwin, daughter of Alex and Kim, has taken her talent for being famous to KIVA. As is often the case with cannabis, her relationship to the plant is a good story.
  2. The apartment in which Dale’s dealer explains the rare weed gem called “Pineapple Express”? That’s at 118 N. Westmoreland Avenue, in LA, as well as real-life locations for every scene in the flick.