The N.Y. Times looks at China’s booming hemp industry. Based largely in the southern Yunnan Province, one of the country’s poorest, the business benefits from interest in CBD.

China is the world’s largest hemp producer, and largest exporter of hemp textiles and paper. In 2017, the South China Morning Post published a fascinating story about how China became a hemp superpower.

While backpackers used to visit Yunnan and find cannabis growing wildly, THC-legalization has “virtually no chance” of advancing in China.

Quick Hits

  1. The pioneering hemp soap company Dr. Bronner’s is going into the REC business.
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  2. The FDA is under pressure to figure out how to regulate CBD.
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  3. Financial firm Piper Jaffray anticipates companies like Pepsi and Coca-Cola will release CBD products, though neither has made a public announcement.
  4. Elsewhere Barron’s threw water on MED company Vireo’s patent for cannabis-infused tobacco.
  5. Mondelez could add CBD to cookie brands like Oreo and Chips Ahoy.
  6. A federal judge will allow a closely watched patent-case to proceed towards trial. Plantiff United Cannabis alleges Pure Hemp Collective infringed on a cannabinoid formula, which Pure Hemp says is “ubiquitous” in the marketplace. The case has attracted attention because it could determine whether cannabinoid formulas can be protected.
  7. Lawncare company Scotts Miracle-Gro posted strong results for its hydroponics business, Hawthorne.
  8. Barclays estimated the US market would be worth $28B if legalized today, climbing to $41B by 2028.
  9. MED activist turned Canopy executive Hilary Black says she’s not a sellout.????For more see WW Canada
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