Outlaw Technology’s “Making Metrc Easy” Podcast Shares Industry Veterans’ Secrets to Streamlined Compliance

Severna Park, MD (Newsworthy.ai) Thursday Aug 24, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

Outlaw Technology, the leading RFID software and hardware innovator in the cannabis tech industry, is excited to announce the launch of its podcast, “Making Metrc Easy.” This groundbreaking podcast revolutionizes the way cannabis licensees navigate compliance and inventory as guests share how they leverage Metrc RFID tags to reduce harvest and audit times up to 80%. Outlaw unlocks new possibilities for growth and success in the rapidly expanding and turbulent cannabis market.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, regulatory compliance remains a critical challenge for businesses. “Making Metrc Easy” addresses this pain point by providing valuable insights, expert advice, and practical tips to streamline and automate Metrc reporting, inventory tracking, and compliance management.

Key features and highlights of “Making Metrc Easy” include:

Expert Guidance: Hosted by seasoned cannabis industry veterans and compliance experts, Hans Dietterich and Brie Oaxaca, “Making Metrc Easy” offers comprehensive guidance and best practices for mastering Metrc requirements.

Insider Interviews: The podcast features interviews with cannabis professionals in the trenches of the seed to sale process. They describe how they effectively navigate Metrc compliance, offering real-world experiences and strategies. The first 5 episodes are already available on all podcast platforms and at www.outlawtechnology.net with new episodes posted weekly:

  • Episode 1: Jeff Wells, Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of Metrc
  • Episode 2: Meagan Zaffaroni, Director of Compliance, gLeaf Medical
  • Episode 3: Richard Su, Chief Compliance Officer, Harbor House Collective
  • Episode 4: Mike Wolthuis, Founder, The Wolthuis Group
  • Episode 5: Samantha Seagaard, Co-Founder, The Fresh Connection

Interactive Q&A: Outlaw Technology encourages audience participation by addressing listener questions and concerns, fostering a supportive community of cannabis professionals.

“We are thrilled to launch ‘Making Metrc Easy’ on Cannabis Radio to support cannabis businesses in their compliance journey,” said Dave Eagleson Sr, CEO and founder of Outlaw Technology. “Our podcast aims to empower licensees with the knowledge and tools needed to stay in compliance easily by automating and streamlining processes while saving time, labor, and money.”

Outlaw Technology is committed to providing the cannabis industry with cutting-edge solutions and valuable resources that allow it to do more with less. “Making Metrc Easy” aligns perfectly with its mission to simplify cannabis compliance and drive positive change in the industry.

Join Outlaw in celebrating the launch of “Making Metrc Easy,” and embark on a journey towards compliance excellence and business success.

About Outlaw Technology: Outlaw is the leading RFID/barcode handheld and touchscreen automation company in the cannabis tech industry with direct integration to Metrc and leading ERP and POS systems. It is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that enable cannabis businesses to thrive. With a team of dedicated experts, Outlaw Technology continues to redefine industry standards and create a positive impact on the cannabis community from coast to coast.

For more information about the podcast, please visit https://outlawtechnology.net/outlaw-podcast/ or contact Hans Dietterich at sales@outlawtechnology.net or (410) 777-9534.

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Introducing Ly Fu Mo: A Holistic Solution for Lyme Disease, Mold, and Fungus

Blaine, WA (Newsworthy.ai) Thursday Aug 10, 2023 @ 11:11 AM Eastern —

Mold and fungi are essential to the life cycle. They are nature’s powerful decomposers with spores everywhere, ready to break down organic compounds. Without these efficient recyclers, the world would be buried in fallen leaves and animal remains.

However, mold and fungus wreak havoc inside a healthy body. Prolonged or significant exposure to mold and fungus can cause several ailments, from asthma attacks to lung disease. They can weaken the body’s systems, making them susceptible to health problems.

Lyme disease, caused by an adaptable bacteria, can hide in the body, surviving multiple rounds of antibiotics and triggering a lifetime of recurrent symptoms. Traditional treatments for Lyme can be harsh on the body, adding challenges to an already strained system.

Jampha Tibetan Wellness, a US-based producer of potent herbal remedies founded in traditional medicine and advanced by science, just released Ly Fu Mo, a natural detox formula to combat the health effects of mold, fungus, and Lyme disease.

Trinn Hatch, Jampha’s Founder and CEO, explains, “Our formulas are crafted by a Tibetan Medicine Physician with over 50 years of experience and advanced with plant terpenes and rigorous research. This revolutionary blend of detoxifying and immune-enhancing herbs and stamina-boosting ingredients provides a holistic approach to restoring vitality and well-being.”

Mold and fungus are infiltrators that compromise well-being. Left untreated, they diminish vitality and create conditions favorable to illness and disease. Ly Fu Mo is a powerful weapon to eliminate these threats, promoting restoration.

For people with Lyme disease, Ly Fu Mo provides a natural alternative that relieves recurring symptoms and boosts the body’s natural defenses against the infection. Patients can find relief without compromising their overall health.

Ly Fu Mo’s proprietary blend combines traditional organic herbs known for their detoxifying properties with powerful adaptogens. This synergy of ingredients aids detoxification, bolsters the body’s ability to adapt to stress, and supports overall resilience.

Jampha Tibetan Wellness is dedicated to creating natural and potent remedies to address. They employ sustainable sourcing practices and ensure that every product released is of the highest quality, meeting rigorous third-party testing standards.

Ly Fu Mo is now available on the Jampha Tibetan Wellness website.

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Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority (BMCLA) and GrowerIQ Partner to Establish Cutting-Edge Cannabis Industry in Barbados

Bridgetown, Barbados (Newsworthy.ai) Wednesday Jul 26, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

The Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority (BMCLA), the island’s regulatory body for the medicinal cannabis industry, and GrowerIQ, a leading cannabis technology company, are proud to announce a partnership to develop the cannabis industry in Barbados. The BMCLA selected GrowerIQ through a highly competitive global Request for Proposal (RFP) process to manage tracking and reporting of all cannabis production on the island for the next five (5) years.

With the vision of creating a brand-new medicinal cannabis industry in Barbados, the BMCLA, with GrowerIQ’s support, will establish cutting-edge standards that will not only shape the regulatory landscape on the island but also serve as a benchmark for the entire region. This milestone partnership represents a significant opportunity for those participating in the industry to benefit from the emerging medicinal cannabis sector.

GrowerIQ’s advanced yet intuitive cannabis management system will play a pivotal role in realizing the ambitions of the BMCLA. This innovative technology streamlines and automates cannabis management processes, ensuring simplified tracking, operational control, improved plant health, and consistent quality. By harnessing the power of data analytics, GrowerIQ empowers cannabis producers to make data-driven decisions, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

Chief Executive Officer (Ag) of the BMCLA, Senator Shanika Roberts-Odle, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “GrowerIQ’s expertise and their state-of-the-art technology make them the ideal partner to help us achieve our goals. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) system will enable our licensees to view and track all their information and activities, improve cultivation practices, and manage cannabis-based products, including recording origin, testing results, handling, and chain-of-custody. This data tracking will help our licensees to optimize inventory control and accurately record data including sales. It will also allow the BMCLA access and transparency to ensure regulatory compliance while safeguarding the well-being of patients.”

Andrew Wilson, CEO of GrowerIQ, shared his excitement about working with the BMCLA, stating, “The BMCLA is an incredibly advanced regulatory body with a clear vision for the future of the medicinal cannabis industry in Barbados. We are honored to be chosen as their partner. This collaboration presents an exciting opportunity for GrowerIQ to showcase our technology and contribute to the development of a thriving cannabis ecosystem in Barbados.”

About the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority (BMCLA)
The BMCLA, which was established via the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Industry Act, 2019, regulates the handling of the medicinal cannabis industry. The BMCLA is responsible for developing policies, procedures, and guidelines to establish the medicinal cannabis industry and to ensure medicinal cannabis is available to patients in a safe and efficient manner. The BMCLA is responsible for the issuance of licenses for cultivation, processing, distribution, sale, transportation, import and export, laboratory as well as the research and development of cannabis for medical, scientific, and therapeutic purposes. For information, visit: www.bmcla.bb.

About GrowerIQ
GrowerIQ is a leading cannabis technology company that provides advanced cannabis management systems to facilities around the world. Their innovative platform leverages data analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence to optimize cannabis facilities, improve plant health, and drive operational efficiency. GrowerIQ’s intuitive software is trusted by producers worldwide to maximize yields, ensure compliance, and elevate the quality of cannabis products. For information, visit www.groweriq.com.

For further information

Tracy Moore | Communications and Public Education Specialist
Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority (BMCLA)
office: (246) 421-4141 Ext . 228 | cell: (246) 832-0980
email: tmoore@bmcla.bb

Andrew Wilson | CEO, GrowerIQ
Tel: +1 (855) 892-7500
email: info@groweriq.com

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Accelerated Traditional Tibetan Herbal Remedies Enhance Holistic Health Practitioners’ Offerings

Blaine, WA (Newsworthy.ai) Thursday Jul 20, 2023 @ 11:11 AM Eastern —

Holistic health practitioners, including Tibetan and Chinese Medicine Physicians, Acupuncturists, and Naturopaths, can now enhance their practice with potent traditional Tibetan-based herbal remedies. Jampha Tibetan Pharmacy’s unique line of highly absorbable liquid drops, traditional Tibetan pills, and penetrating topicals ensure practitioners can administer remedies of the highest quality and purity, supporting the best possible outcomes for their patients.

One critical challenge practitioners face is recommending effective herbal remedies to their patients and accessing potent products they can trust. Jampha is steadfast in its commitment to sourcing the highest quality botanicals and ingredients, providing practitioners with the purest and highest-quality products.

By tapping into the ancient ethnobotanical knowledge and methodologies used in the Himalayan and Tibetan healing traditions, Jampha has created a series of Tinctured medicinal Infusions of these ancient and well-tested inspired formulas. You only have to read the customer reviews on Jampha.com to see how these products impact people’s lives.

White Elephant is a Tibetan Infusion targeting cognitive support and mental acuity. A recent review raves, “I have an autistic son, he struggles to communicate with a flow, and this has changed everything. His sentences are long and his communication more meaningful, and his emotional expression has become joyful and pleasant. We are part of a group that another parent shared this with us in. We are thankful beyond words.” Amber Carlito

Another customer named Silvia Banton, using the RoseGold Diamond Shilajit, reports, “I have used [different brands of shilajit] for decades and can honestly say this Shilajit is superior and exceptional. I have seen a massive boost in my adrenal support, and my thyroid function has improved. This is a super supplement.”

Finally, Jackson Walkden Brown reported on the Icy Blue Gel, “This gel has changed my life, I can train and work out, run, and bike again, giving me the edge I need to work through the pain. Over time I’ve gotten a lot more flexible and can bear twice the weight I had hoped to get back to.”

In an industry where the enforcement of standards can be lax, practitioners often face the risk of using subpar herbs that could compromise their practice and patient outcomes. However, by utilizing Jampha’s accelerated traditional herbal remedies, practitioners can provide patients with the highest quality care.

With their dedication to quality, Jampha Tibetan Pharmacy aims to ensure practitioners deliver the best possible care for patients. By choosing remedies from this trusted provider, practitioners can have peace of mind knowing they are providing their patients with pure and potent herbal remedies.

Jampha offers wholesale prices for practitioners. They also offer exquisite support through well-defined practitioner training and open resources for practitioner use.

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Renowned Tibetan Medical Physician Brings 50 Years of Experience to Jampha’s Unique Botanical Products

Blaine, WA (Newsworthy.ai) Wednesday May 31, 2023 @ 11:11 AM Eastern —

Jampha, a plant-based health and wellness company, offers a unique range of herbal infusions, Tibetan pills, and topicals to support specific health needs. What sets them apart is that the products are formulated by Amchi Thubten Lekshe, a Sowa-Rigpa lineage holder and Tibetan medical physician with 50 years of experience.

Trinn Hatch, Jampha’s Founder and CEO, explains, “Our unique products are designed to cater to specific health needs such as reducing inflammation, natural pain relief, circulatory support, or brain health. Additionally, we offer organic goji berries. These products provide a holistic approach to health and wellness, which merges traditional Tibetan methods and innovative techniques.”

Born out of a personal healing journey, Jampha’s aim is to create unique and effective plant medicines. The first product line of Synergy Enhanced Terpene Infusions (SETIs) focuses on the remarkable health benefits of well-researched plant terpenes.

Under the expert guidance of Lekshe, Jamph’s Tibetan infusions utilize innovative techniques that accelerate the ancient tradition of healing botanicals by incorporating the living terpene expressions of live plants. This ensures a full-spectrum profile often lost in traditional drying processes.

According to Lekshe, “The terpenes in live plants are critical for achieving the full benefits of plant medicine. By incorporating these living terpene expressions into our products, we ensure our customers receive a complete energetic life force from the plants.”

The product reviews speak for themselves. Dale Cardier, who uses Icy Blue Topical Gel, says, “This is like icy hot and tiger balm on steroids. It works immediately and powerfully and lasts 4-6 hours. I can’t leave home without it, I was going to have to retire early because I needed pain meds to drive. Now I drive with manageable pain and no pills. I always know ice blue can cut right through it if it gets worse. I also use the white tiger droppers which help me sleep way better, and have been moving much better.”

Emily Brought wrote about her experience with RoseGold Diamond Shilajit, “I can’t thank the creators enough for this delightful and deeply nourishing mineral juggernaut. I have serious issues with mineral deficiencies, my body just can’t absorb minerals well. I have now used this from my Naturopath’s suggestion. It’s weird, but my nails feel stronger, my hair seems to be thicker, and I feel so much better. Thank you for the work you are doing.”

Jampha’s unique approach to health and wellness offers a holistic and effective complement to traditional medicine. Clients respond enthusiastically, as product reviews illustrate. With its innovative techniques and commitment to quality, Jampha is poised to become a leader in the natural health and wellness industry.

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Jointly and Cova Collaborate to Transform Cannabis Retail with Jointly Matches, the First Goal-Based Data-Driven Sales Platform

Los Angeles, CA (Newsworthy.ai) Wednesday May 31, 2023 @ 9:30 AM Eastern —

Jointly, a cannabis discovery and software company, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Cova, a leading provider of cannabis point of sale (POS) software. This collaboration offers cannabis retailers access to Jointly Matches, Jointly’s new software for retailers that empowers budtenders to make data-informed product performance recommendations.

Jointly Matches is fueled by nearly half a million goal-specific product performance ratings, collected from users of Jointly’s mobile consumer app, where consumers learn to find success with cannabis by practicing what Jointly calls “Purposeful Cannabis Consumption.”

“We are excited to partner with Cova to offer cannabis retailers a tool that will help them match their customers with the right products, more easily and more often,” said David Kooi, CEO and Co-Founder of Jointly. ”Cannabis retail is about helping people live better. People shop for cannabis to find relaxation, relieve everyday stress, sleep better, stimulate their creativity, enjoy exercise or recover from it, relieve everyday pain, and more. Our software aims to assist budtenders in aligning customers with the best-suited products for their individual needs, drawing from our unique data about what works most effectively.”

Key benefits of the Jointly-Cova partnership include:

  • Enhanced Consumer Experiences: Jointly’s data show that the quality of a person’s cannabis experience is determined about 50% by their chosen product and 50% by creating the conditions for a good experience (by controlling for factors like dose, setting, hydration, time of day, etc.). When consumers are matched with the right products for their goals, they’ll experience superior outcomes.
  • Empowered Budtenders: Budtenders, armed with goal-specific product performance data, are freed to nurture more value-added aspects of the customer relationship, no longer needing to suggest products without data to back up their recommendations.
  • Boosted Sales: When consumers are confident in their purchases and understand the various benefits and effects of cannabis, they tend to make larger and more frequent purchases.
  • Purposeful Time Spent In Store: Offering a goal-based, effects-oriented framework for shopping that prioritizes product performance, attention is deflected away from less productive concepts like indica vs sativa, shopping based on highest THC percentage, or being swayed by enticing packaging or pricing.

The Jointly-Cova partnership is now available to all licensed US cannabis retailers.

About Jointly

Jointly is the cannabis discovery company. Powered by a proprietary data platform, the company was created on the premise that purposeful cannabis consumption is the key to unlocking a better you. Cannabis enthusiasts use the platform to discover new products and reflect on their experiences to reveal insights that help them reach their goals. Their product ratings power Jointly’s goal-specific cannabis product recommendation engine. That engine helps cannabis retailers sell more cannabis to more people more easily, for all the great reasons people shop and consume.

For additional information, visit jointlybetter.com/retail-solutions.

About Cova

Cova builds innovative software solutions for cannabis retail. Its award-winning suite includes dispensary POS, eCommerce, payments, inventory management, and advanced analytics—tech designed to simplify compliance and streamline complex operations. A focus on ease of use, industry-leading reliability, and enterprise-proven scalability have made Cova the most-trusted cannabis retail platform in North America, powering 2,000 locations.

For additional information, visit covasoftware.com.

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Canopyright Launches The Cannabis Industry’s First Hashgraph-Secured Genetic Marketplace

San Francisco, CA (Newsworthy.ai) Tuesday Apr 25, 2023 @ 9:15 AM Pacific —

Canopyright, a patent-pending, blockchain-powered marketplace that puts breeders’ rights first, today announced the full launch of its cultivar marketplace purpose-built for cannabis breeders and commercial operators. Canopyright’s privacy-focused marketplace offers a new way for breeders to secure and market their proprietary genetic libraries.

“Unlike in other areas of commercial agriculture, where the value of new cultivars justifies the expense of filing patent applications, new cannabis cultivars typically are not protected in any meaningful way,” Jeff Hamilton, founder of Canopyright, says. “As a result, cannabis breeders, arguably the industry’s most important creators, are rarely paid fairly and operate in the ‘Wild West’ of intellectual property rights. Years, if not decades, of hard work can be misappropriated at any time. Unfortunately, most professional cannabis breeders have experienced this first-hand.”

Canopyright empowers breeders to take control over their cultivars and how they are marketed. By registering a cultivar in a Canopyright digital “time capsule,” breeders can create “prior art” to protect against third-party patent claims. That time capsule is tied to a physical plant specimen of that cultivar that the breeder keeps frozen at their premises. Once registered on Canopyright’s Hashgraph-secured platform, all data becomes immutable, establishing who was in possession of a particular specimen at a given time. This system also gives buyers a reference sample against which to validate products downstream in the supply chain.

Canopyright was designed with the support of legacy and craft farming communities in California’s Emerald Triangle and Southern Oregon over the course of three years. The founding team is rounded out by Chief Operating Officer Kelsey Parker, who brings more than a decade of marketing, fundraising, and media production experience with years dedicated to the cannabis industry, as well as Chief Community Officer Lelehnia DuBois, a second-generation legacy cannabis cultivator who has spent the last 16 years as a medical cultivator, policy advocate, and cannabis industry consultant helping bridge the gap between legacy and industry.

Dozens of breeders have already listed over 100 proprietary cultivars in beta testing, including, Arcanna Flowers, Conscious Cultivators, Emerald City Farms, Happy Dreams Genetics, HendRx Farm, Original Breeders League, Port Royal, Proxima Investments, SEED707LLC, Silver Dragon Cannabis, Southern Humboldt Royal Cannabis Company (SoHum Royal), Sticky Fields, Sunnabis, Today’s Humboldt County LLC, and Trinity Alps Farms.

Breeders control all privacy settings for their genetics on the Canopyright platform. They can keep certain cultivar information confidential. Likewise, they also can keep hidden from the marketplace their genetics that are not for commercial sale. Canopyright never has access to data that isn’t made available to the marketplace by the breeder, a feature that users demand

“Canopyright has no access to the data it holds, which allows me to control who benefits from that data,” says Kevin Jodrey, owner at Port Royal and a Canopyright user. “What I appreciate is that the platform’s security was designed by an attorney who has plant licensing experience. He understands the needs and the protections that a breeder would benefit from.”

Once a plant specimen has been bagged, tagged, and uploaded to the platform, breeders can create searchable profiles for each cultivar that detail phytochemical lab results, photos, DNA tests, cultivation best practices, and more. This searchable database allows buyers to easily find the genetics that best fit their consumers’ needs and their operation’s production practices. Buyers can only make an offer on genetics that are legally available in their jurisdiction, and plants are tracked in Metrc, facilitating compliance.

Canopyright can be used free of charge as a private IP catalog for both licensed breeders and home growers, enabling both hobbyists and professionals to establish their intellectual property rights. “Canopyright allows me to get the recognition for years of breeding work, as well as receive better value for that work, too,” says Joshua Stroud, owner of Conscious Cultivators and another early Canopyright adopter.

Canopyright’s platform operates like a music streaming service, enabling breeders who list their cultivars on the marketplace to monetize their work like artists partnering with streaming companies. Cultivars are the breeders’ “songs,” and each Metrc tag is equivalent to the “play” of a song. Breeders can receive a revenue stream as their cultivars are commercialized and reproduced by the growers with a royalty-based contract, or opt for a one-time contract with an upfront payment. Both contract terms are set by Canopyright and custom amendments can be added at the buyer’s and seller’s discretion.

About Canopyright

Canopyright is a blockchain-based web app that creates a fairer cannabis industry by facilitating cultivar contracts between breeders and commercial operators. Canopyright is both a marketplace where growers can discover and make offers on available cultivars in their state, and an IP catalog establishing prior art for breeders’ cannabis genetics. Data privacy is at the heart of the marketplace: Canopyright has no access to transaction records, communications, or other user data. For more information, visit canopyright.info.

Users can register at www.canopyright.com. For more information on Canopyright, visit canopyright.info or the company’s YouTube page. To schedule an interview with a Canopyright executive or user, contact Kelsey Parker, Canopyright COO, at kelsey@canopyright.com.

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Ketamine Therapy Provides Rapid Relief From Depression and Anxiety at Balanced Mental Wellness.

Englewood, CO USA (Newsworthy.ai) Monday Apr 24, 2023 @ 6:00 AM Central —

Balanced Mental Wellness, a leading organization specializing in mental health treatment, has introduced ketamine therapy to treat depression and anxiety. The treatment is gaining popularity due to its fast-acting, long-lasting benefits that improve patients’ mental health.

Ketamine has been found to provide rapid antidepressant effects in as little as 24 hours, including relief from suicidal thoughts. After a short series of repeated doses, the effects typically extend for weeks to months. However, the treatment may not be sustainable if not combined with preparation and therapy after a session.

According to Balanced Mental Wellness, ketamine is the first clinician-prescribed psychedelic medicine that utilizes the patient’s inner healer to relieve emotional suffering. The treatment aims to provide access to one’s personal growth. On the surface, ketamine can potentially treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety without the need for traditional antidepressants that can take weeks to show effectiveness.

Ketamine therapy is an innovative mental health treatment that can help people objectively explore their thoughts and emotions and gain an entirely new perspective on their lives. It can provide rapid relief from symptoms and open new possibilities for personal growth.

At Balanced Mental Wellness, ketamine therapy is offered as part of their comprehensive range of mental health services. The highly trained clinicians and therapists work together to develop customized treatment plans to help patients achieve their mental health goals.

The organization has seen a significant increase in demand for ketamine therapy since its introduction, with patients citing rapid symptom relief and an enhanced sense of well-being as the main reasons for choosing the treatment.

Balanced Mental Wellness encourages anyone struggling with depression or anxiety to contact their clinic and explore options. With ketamine therapy, patients can experience fast-acting relief from their symptoms and gain access to their inner healer.

About Balance Mental Wellness

Balanced Mental Wellness is a leader in Integrative Psychiatric Mental Health Care that offers personalized treatment to trauma and addiction patients. We offer medication management, therapy, and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy using a holistic and integrated approach to achieve recovery.

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The Promise of Ketamine as a Rapid-Acting Antidepressant

Lutz, Florida USA (Newsworthy.ai) Saturday Apr 22, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Pacific —

Ketamine is a medication that has been used for decades as an anesthetic agent, but new research is unveiling its potential as a rapid-acting antidepressant.

Depression is a mental health condition that affects millions of individuals worldwide. The current medications used to treat it, such as SSRIs, can take weeks or months before patients start seeing any benefits. However, research into the potential of Ketamine as a rapid-acting antidepressant is pointing to very promising results.

According to recent studies, the administration of low doses of Ketamine intravenously has been shown to relieve depressive symptoms within hours of being given to patients. More encouragingly, remission of symptoms may last up to one week, giving doctors and researchers additional time to develop long-term treatment plans alongside traditional therapies.

While more research and clinical trials are needed, the results obtained until now show that Ketamine could be a highly beneficial treatment for the millions of individuals currently suffering from depression. These findings could represent a major turning point in how doctors and researchers approach the treatment of depression.

The rapid-acting nature of Ketamine could make a tremendous impact on the lives of people suffering from depression.

The promising results of Ketamine for the treatment of depression have opened the door for further research and clinical trials. If successful, Ketamine could be a revolutionary treatment for depression and offer new hope for the millions of people affected by this condition.

About Turning Point Wellness Center

Turning Point Wellness Center is dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions to help patients improve their mental and physical well-being. At Turning Point, we specialize in providing Ketamine treatments as an alternative to traditional psychiatric medications. We believe that patients deserve to have access to safe and effective treatments without the negative side effects associated with prescription drugs. In addition to Ketamine, we also offer hydration and nutrient IV therapy.

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Former TMS CEO joins Beyond Marketing as Medical and Education Director

Boca Raton, FL (Newsworthy.ai) Friday Apr 21, 2023 @ 6:00 AM Eastern —

Beyond Marketing, the nation’s leading Growth Partner in psychedelic and TMS centers, is proud to announce the strategic addition of Karan Narwal, MD as Medical and Education Director. Dr. Narwal, the former CEO and Medical Director of TMS Advantage, has extensive experience in the field of mental health and is a recognized expert in developing his “Art of the Consultation.”

In his four-year tenure as CEO and Medical Director of TMS Advantage, Dr. Narwal treated over 500 patients and achieved tremendous success. However, his passion for helping mental health clinics achieve success led him to join Beyond Marketing as their Medical and Education Director. In this capacity, Dr. Narwal will be responsible for educating and consulting clients on the best practices for running a successful and efficient TMS and ketamine clinic.

According to Dr. Narwal, “I am excited to take on this new role at Beyond Marketing. I believe that education and consultation are vital components in the success of mental health clinics, and I am looking forward to working with our clients to help them achieve their goals.”

Beyond Marketing’s CEO, Scott Theaman, expressed his excitement about the company’s latest addition: “We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Narwal to our team. His knowledge and experience will be invaluable in helping our clients achieve the success they deserve.”

As the Medical and Education Director at Beyond Marketing, Dr. Narwal will draw on his extensive experience to provide education and consultation services to mental health clinics across the country. His development of the “Art of the Consultation” makes him uniquely qualified to help clinics optimize their patient enrollment processes and improve their bottom line.

With Dr. Narwal’s arrival, Beyond Marketing is poised to continue its commitment to providing best-in-class marketing and educational services to mental health clinics across the nation. The company remains dedicated to helping its clients achieve their goals while providing the highest quality service.

About Beyond Marketing

Beyond Marketing is the nation’s leading Business Development and Marketing Growth Partner, specifically designed for ketamine, TMS, and alternative mental health clinics. By using digital marketing, including Google, search engine optimization, and social media campaigns, Beyond Marketing provides the tools and support needed to transform the entire engine that fuels your business. Plus, you’ll be equipped with a HIPAA-compliant lead conversion CRM software to interact with new patients in real time.

For more information about Beyond Marketing, visit their website at www.beyondmarketing.net.

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