Canopy will open hemp processing operations in seven American states but will not move forward with producing REC or MED in the U.S. until federal legalization.
Financial Post

Quick Hits

  1. Newfoundland’s Liberal attorney general will investigate the province’s supply deals. Opposition Conservatives have suggested the Liberal government displayed favouritism toward Canopy (a company started by two former Liberals). The decision has proven popular.
    CBC Newfoundland, CityNews
  2. MJ Biz Daily published a list of Canada’s Most Reputable Cannabis Producers, but the most striking takeaway is that even Aurora, ranked number one, was unknown by 76% of respondents—while 89% didn’t know CannTrust, ranked number three.
    MJ Biz Daily
  3. WeedMD launched a REC brand called “Color,” with the American spelling, which for some reason drives me absolutely crazy, but might also suggest plans for eventual U.S. expansion.
    An anonymous source close to the company told me, “I think it honestly started as a spelling mistake, but they’ll say it’s to help prepare for the U.S market.”