Industry group U.S. Cannabis Council (USCC) is calling for tighter restrictions on sales of Delta-8 THC; the intoxicating hemp derivative has become popular in states without legal REC.

While the federal legality of Delta-8 remains murky, and some states have taken steps to crack down, the unregulated product is available in many smoke shops and gas stations. In April, sales were up 144% year over year according to data firm Headset.

  • USCC interim CEO Steve Hawkins is calling on the FDA and DEA to end unregulated sales of Delta-8. The group tested 16 Delta-8 products and says all but one exceeded legal THC limits, while seven exceeded limits on metals such as copper, chromium and nickel. 
  • At the same time, USCC member Curaleaf plans to release Delta-8 products and its MSO competitor Trulieve already sells them.
  • Some producers apparently make bootleg Delta-8 by mixing CBD with battery acid, a situation reminiscent of the unregulated market which led to 2019’s vape crisis. 
  • Poison control is seeing more incidents related to Delta-8.
  • The lesser known Delta-10 THC exists in a similar legal gray area.

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