Following months of societal upheaval, WeedWeek business columnist Dan Mitchell checked out the International Cannabis Business Conference’s virtual summit to see how the industry is adjusting:

There was a distinct awkwardness to some of the discussions, particularly those surrounding the new movement for racial justice. One major theme was the industry’s struggle — particularly in California — to reconcile social-justice concerns with the bottom line. Pretty much every California-based guest broached the subject, which — in broad strokes — pits old-school pot people against the newcomer moneybags.   

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Quick Hits

  1. RedHeaded Blackbelt, a site covering California’s Emerald Triangle, has an extensive post on the “new paradigm” of  transporting legal product around California.
  2. To encourage voting, ancillary company KushCo will make Election Day a paid holiday. Are you registered to vote?
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