A Cowen and Co. survey found Canadian cannabis use is at a record level, double that previously reported, aided by the popularity of still-illicit edibles. Meanwhile, Canadians are drinking less beer.

  • Two weeks ago, a Dalhousie University survey found 37% of respondents considered themselves “regular cannabis users,” which was a great deal more than the 17% who told Statistics Canada’s they had used cannabis in recent months.
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  • Cowen and Co. found similar numbers to the Dalhousie researchers, with 40% of respondents in Alberta and Ontario reporting cannabis use in the last month.
  • Cowen and Co. found similar numbers, with 40% of respondents in Alberta and Ontario reporting cannabis use in the last month.
  • As consumers may legally choose between cannabis and alcohol, alcohol consumption tends to go down.
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  • A US analyst said declining beer sales are “the canary in the coal mine” for the entire alcohol industry.
  • The alcohol industry’s existing infrastructure could be used to more efficiently sell cannabis, said Ted Zittell, Canadian-born director of US cannabeverage manufacturer Tinley.
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Quick Hits

  1. The Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users hosts events at which Neil Magnuson and his Cannabis Substitution Project gives out free pre-rolls, edibles, and topicals to drug consumers hoping to swap cannabis for opioids.
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  2. Supporters of Vancouver’s 420 celebration claim the Parks Board, which voted to ban the celebration, is maliciously keeping Sunset Beach Park closed more than a month after the protest/celebration/performance in order to generate public hostility to the event. Parks Board commissioner John Coupar responded “I understand that the grass field required aeration, top dressing and seeding #nospin #factsmatter.”
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