Speaking to the UN’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs, Health Canada director general for controlled substances Michelle Boudreau said REC legalization has been a success that’s cut the illegal market down 30% without increasing youth consumption.
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  • We had to break a number of global drug treaties to do it. The UN International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), in their 2019 report (released last week), frowned on Canadian legalization, saying they were concerned about the “consequences for health and well-being, in particular [for] young people.” (Cannabis consumption among young people has remained flat.)
    Insude the Jar, UN-INCB
  • Boudreau (full remarks here) stopped short of recommending other nations follow our lead, presumably in part because that would be a call to break drug treaties.

Quick Hits

  1. American libertarian think tank the Cato Institute assessed Canadian REC legalization and found it inspiring.
    Cato Blog
  2. This year’s National Poison Prevention Week will focus on accidental cannabis consumption, and encourage the hashtag #highandlocked to remind consumers to keep their edibles locked up in places kids can’t reach.