An audit found California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control is struggling to regulate the industry, with difficulties hiring staff and setting a strategy.

  • “The current status and location of personnel is not sustainable to provide effective and comprehensive oversight of cannabis activities throughout California,” according to auditors.
  • The agency disputes some of the findings.

????WeedWeek California has lots more on the tumultuous Golden State market including:

  • What to make of sizeable political contributions from the industry in Santa Barbara County, California’s center of legal growing. (And County officials are overwhelmed by the industry.)
  • A rabbi opposes Lowell Herb Co’s anticipated cannabis restaurant in West Ho.
  • And the state’s first 420-friendly music festival

Quick Hits

  1. Business owners and residents, including some Scientologists, oppose cannabis businesses in the SoCal town of Commerce City, and the situation is tense.
    L.A. Times
  2. A former SoCal grower is on trial for kidnapping a MED business owner, cutting off his penis and leaving him for dead in the Mojave Desert.